About NAWP

The Association's Mission

To enable all women pharmacists to realise their full potential and raise their profile by being educationally, socially and politically active.

What we do

  • Contribute to debate within the profession and healthcare
  • Represent pharmacy amongst women's organisations
  • Address Career and CPD issues
  • Provide networking and fellowship opportunities
  • Examine women's healthcare issues

Our interests

These broadly fall into one of two arms:

  • career-linked issues
  • gender-linked aspects of pharmaceutical care

The Association has active links with many organizations. We meet with women pharmacists in many EU countries (especially Germany), liaise with women's policy-forming groups in the UK, and participate in numerous consultation exercises affecting pharmacy in the UK. Members can enjoy a range of benefits including events such as the Association's educational weekend Conference, which provides a learning atmosphere which is both friendly and reassuring. This can be particularly welcomed by individuals who work as locums or part-timers and others whose work environment does not provide much in the way of professional support. Those returning to practice or changing their areas of practice can also find membership helpful. A newsletter is published several times a year.

Membership is open to all UK pharmacists and former pharmacists (e.g. retired or taking a career break) and all UK pharmacy graduates, regardless of age, race or gender. UK undergraduate pharmacy students can join free of charge. NAWP is supportive of, and collaborates with, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, but NAWP members are not required to be members of RPS.