CPD Support

CPD Support

Formal position for practicing pharmacists

Pharmacists are required to conform with the Professional Standards introduced by the General Pharmaceutical Council for CPD. Broadly these resemble those laid down by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 2009. The GPhC website lists the standards. The CPD recording system was simplified in August 2009 and is significantly easier and quicker to use than previous versions.

Since the summer of 2009 CPD records from some individual pharmacists have been called in for appraisal, and around 10,000 pharmacists per year will be asked by the GPhC to submit a record. What the GPhC asks for is a selection of the entries that have been made, not the entire collection. The choice of entries is up to the individual pharmacist. It is worth noting key words here: there is a distinction between routine entries you regularly make, and the record you may be required to submit when your 'record' is 'called in'. Entries are your property, and can be edited and amended in any appropriate way you wish. You will choose a selection of these to submit as your record. The required record can be submitted on paper (in a designated format) or electronically. There is considerable support and advice on the new Royal Pharmaceutical Society website www.rpharms.com (see the Support tab on that site), but phone enquiries can also be made to RPS. Local Practice forums run by RPS also aim to develop support for CPD.

The electronic CPD recording system has been moved notionally from the old RPSGB to GPhC and is accessed from the GPhC website. http://www.pharmacyregulation.org As previously, it can be used by all registered pharmacists.


NAWP has a long tradition of encouraging CPD, and has been running weekend conferences and circulating educational/training information for many years. Currently:

  • We hold a weekend annual conference which can provide CPD in a relaxed informal atmosphere
  • Circulate three newsletters per year with educational, training and professional content
  • Offer the chance to attend English-language European women pharmacist meetings with educational, training and professional content
  • Hold occasional study days
  • Offer the chance to be involved in professional projects in some areas

As the future regulation of the profession becomes clearer, and arrangements for monitoring CPD become known, NAWP will respond with a view to providing the maximum possible support to members.